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SharePoint 2010 VS SharePoint 2013 Site Collections

You can control which mode (2010 or 2013, or both) can be used when a user creates a site collection. The CompatibilityRange property on a web application controls the site modes available for a web application. You can view or change the settings for CompatibilityRange by using Windows PowerShell. check the following and let me know if helpful If you upgrade from SharePoint Server 2010 to SharePoint Server 2013, there are special considerations for My Sites. (My Sites are not available in SharePoint Foundation 2013.) Make sure that you upgrade the My Site Host site collection before you allow users to access their individual My Sites in SharePoint Server 2013. This makes sure that the server software and database changes are complete so that users can upgrade their individual My …

SharePoint 2013 sites are not deleted

Some times when trying to delete site and then restoring it, it fails and you keep getting error "No content databases are available for this operation"
You will discover that the site is not really deleted

To check if the site is deleted use this command:

To remove the site use this command:
Remove-SPDeletedSite -Identity xxxxx

so the safest process to delete site is:
Remove-SPSite –Identity URL
Get-SPDeletedSite  to get the deleted site identity
 Remove-SPDeletedSite -Identity xxx         to force deletion