Usage and Popularity Trends Report not showing correct numbers

Recently came into issue that popularity trends showing zero while users are accessing documents

so I have that there is a parameter called TailTrimming as mentioned in this reference blog

For example, for the Views usage event the TailTrimming parameter is by default set to 3.

This means that the usage analytics reports will be updated for an item when the item has been viewed a minimum three times within the last 24 hours. For example, if the item Fabrikam Laptop16 M6000 has been viewed twice within the last 24 hours, these two views won’t show up in the usage analytics reports. If within the next 24 hours the Fabrikam Laptop16 M6000 item is viewed 4 times, the usage analytics report will be updated with 4 views.

to adjust it needs to run the following commands
$SSP = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplicationProxy
$tenantConfig = $SSP.GetAnalyticsTenantConfiguration([Guid]::Empty)
$event = $tenantConfig.EventTypeDefinitions | where-object { $_.EventTypeId -eq 1 }
$event.TailTrimming = 0

this will make real number appears daily

other important reference for usage

There are not many ways of interacting with the analysis engine. I would recommend using the following:
 $tj = Get-SPTimerJob -Type Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Analytics.UsageAnalyticsJobDefinition
This will give some basic informations, as to what the running schedule is, successful runs, last errors… You can also start an off-schedule run of the analysis engine:
 $tj = Get-SPTimerJob -Type Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Analytics.UsageAnalyticsJobDefinition
And then don’t forget to do the:  

other reference link


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